The Walk-a-thon is the fall fundraiser and is the largest fundraiser the PTO does each year.  Each fall, on Walk-a-thon day, the students will walk around the building 3 times (a distance of nearly a mile).  The Walk-a-thon is a fun event for the students as there will be music and refreshments throughout the event.  Also, during the week leading up to the Walk-a-thon, the students participate in spirit week with events like Crazy Hat Day, Team Spirit Day, etc.  Students are asked to go and raise donations for the school prior to the walk-a-thon. There are prize incentives given for the students that raise the most donations.  There are also prizes given to every student who participates at certain milestones ($5 raised, $25 raised, $50 raised, etc).  There are also prizes at the classroom level (class with the most total dollars donated, class with the highest average donated per student).  Please contact the Walk-a-thon chair people with any questions regarding this event.   Brandon.wemken@gmail.com and Awemken@gmail.com 

Spirit Week

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Walk-A-Thon Details

Why are we doing a Walk-A-Thon? Our children will enjoy their time outside, get exercise, and raise money to help their school.  This money will help provide funds to pay for educational needs and school enrichment. How will students participate? Each student will raise funds by asking family and friends to sponsor them with a …

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Walk-a-Thon Donation Form

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Creekside PTO.  Please fill out the form below to submit your application and become a proud Creekside PTO supporter! Click Here to Make Your Walk-a-Thon Donation!

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